Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Stepping back...

The last couple of weeks have been topsy turvy in terms of emotions this week.

The skies have been grey, the ground damp. I have been unable to get out and get my daily dose of Vitamin D nor able to do much in way of tending to my veg and flowers which, on a positive note,  have been thriving with the rain.

I have been awaiting books to arrive from amazon, and after almost losing patience, they arrived! Great Stuff. And so far, awesome, inspiring stuff.

Yesterday I got to listen to Andy Baggott, author of 13 books, his current being Blissology, the art of happiness. Andy was the guest speaker at a local monthly series of talks. His words inspired me a great deal and made me realise just how much any negative thinking or speaking can affect my own and other people's lives. Be careful for what you wish for and all that!

My new aim is to do what feels right, good and fun. Step away from the people and environments that make you feel negative in any way. Today I shall be 'setting' my day and wishing and imagining a great, joyous day ahead of me......

Try it!

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