Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Life life LIFE!

Life is a like a complicated jigsaw with lots of blue sky.
Finally pieces start connecting and everything becomes complete and whole.

This is me. The past month I have gained so much knowledge and wisdom that it's postively bursting out of my ears!

Everything feels right and every day I'm taking bits of the wisdom and applying it to my life. I'm tired, that is granted. And sometimes I wonder how much simpler my life would be without all this wonderment going on in my head.

Simpler yes, But less colourful, less feeling? I want a life filled with love, understanding and abundance and vitality.

This is my path.....and I have no intention of abandoning it.....

1 comment:

Dr Henry Tegner said...

Well, I am of the view that you are very much on the right path. Don't deviate from it!