Thursday, May 31, 2012

Enjoy your own company

I've watched this a dozen times or more, but it still inspires me and it is on my favourites list on youtube.

I love being alone, I'm not afraid of my own company. Alone with my thoughts. Me, myself and the elements.

Take time out, sit and let your mind wander. Or clear your mind and just be. Sit in the garden and feel the breeze, listen to the birdsong, grab a cuppa and do a crossword or read a book that makes you feel good. Go for a long walk just with yourself and notice things you don't take the time to look at when in company.

Write a journal, doodle in it, write down your thoughts and desires, sketch and fill it with whatever you desire.

Enjoy being you. Love yourself.

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Net said...

Going with the flow if you feel to do and not dragging yourself is life.