Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Remember the 'remove negativity' lecture? Well, this is still ongoing, I'm saying no when I want to say no. I'm taking a step back from negative relationships and I've been giving myself a break. We all deserve time to sit, ponder, do what we want to do, free from guilt and nagging. It has been lovely.

I admit myself, I am a fair weather gardener without a doubt and the spell of good weather has seen me out in the garden planting, weeding, trimming, really feeling the earth beneath my fingers - as well as meditating and reading out there. To say it has been good for the soul would be an understatement. I feel ALIVE. I feel grounded. Settled. I can't promise this is a forever feeling. But I'm being present in this moment and I'm appreciating every second of this goodness in my life.

Today I came across a young fledgling blackbird sitting on my driveway with an obvious injury to it's leg. I sat with it and talked to it very gently until it calmed down. The Blackbird had striking blue eyes which really looked at me. This bird was really checking me out. I felt a deep connection there I wish I could describe. With some assistance, I got Blackbird into a ventilated box and took her to the veterinary. Blackbird, with some effort, shifted around to look at me before I left the building. I was sincerely moved by this bird and sitting here typing this entry, I feel a weight in my heart and tears welling in my eyes. I am now awaiting it's outcome. I will find out in the morning when I ring. I really hope for it's survival. 

I'm feeling more and more connected to the earth and it's inhabitants by the day. I'm feeling confident that this bird was meant to be there at the moment, for me to gain it's trust and feel this new connection. 


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