Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Tree Hugging

As I'm writing this, I'm looking out of the french doors at the sunshine pouring onto my garden making it look green and vibrant. Absolutely beautiful. What crazy weather we are having! I spent yesterday morning shivering around the house and then the afternoon pondering at the hail and thunder, mad?

This weekend was about the same, crazy weather. Though we made the most of the sun when it decided to come out of it's hiding place. 

We visited Erlestoke woods, the bluebells were just about done but I was pleased to catch them in their splendour. The boys (minus one teenager who jaunted to Bath with mates) happily ran about and found gun shaped sticks and powwed each other with them, stuck cleaver plants to my back and collected pine cones in their pockets.

I hugged a few trees!

We finished the morning off with lunch at a local cafe and a cake from the bakers. A lovely end to a free morning's entertainment, who needs to pay to keep the kids happy?

Sunday was MY day, I set off early equipped with change and lots of spare bags and ventured to the local bootys and then went further afield to Yeovil where I bumped into lovely Sophie from Fading Grace. I came back with lots, including baskets, ceramics, fabric, tins...and more! 

Happy lady!

Have a great week everyone xxx

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