Monday, January 31, 2011

National Storytelling Week

This week is National Storytelling Week, an annual event which encourages communities to take part in and enjoy storytelling. Throughout my son's infant years we enjoyed imaginative storytelling together and over the years, the storytelling has turned naturally to enjoying independent reading, which he still thoroughly enjoys and I hope he takes it throughout his life. As I believe there is nothing better.

One distinct memory of my childhood is of books - Meg and Mog, Gobolino The Witches Cat, Secret Seven, Famous Five, The Children Of Cherry Tree Farm, Bible Stories...As I got older it became Mallory Towers, Nancy Drew, St Clares, Then it was The Babysitters Club and The Sweet Valley High series, then it it was books by the likes of Judy Blume, Stephen King and Point Horror.

Ah the memories, each point of my life I can easily point out the type of books I would have been reading at that point in my life. As I reached my twenties, the book genres changed once again, gone were the teen romances and in came the historical fiction and arthurian legends.  During my late twenties, I reached for the childrens books such as the Lemony Snicket's series and Harry Potter. Now in my early thirties, my taste changes week by week. One week I could be reading an autobiography which ten years ago would have bored me to tears, another week I could be reading mindless chick literature, especially if having a particuarly stressful week! Another week I could be reading an old Enid Blyton classic, and yet some months and I read nothing at all!

I for one, am a stickler in 'proper' books, I have frequently had a moan about the new Kindle type readers. Which in no way am I interested in. There is nothing better than sinking into a corner of  the sofa, blanket over lap, book wedged in hands, leafing through the pages and breathing in either the scent of new pages or the musty smell of aging yellow pages. There is something comforting about it...I just can't put it into words!

I embrace new technology with open arms, but the reader is something I'll never have possession of!

Is reading part of your life? What books did you read as a child? Teen? 


Anonymous said...

Lovely! I shall be remembering Mallory Towers for the rest of the day now! I was anti Kindle until very recently as a total bibliophile but I am on the verge of conversion...all those stories!!!!

solveig said...

Oh my goodness, I remember Gobbolino the Witch's cat - I loved it. Had forgotten all about that book.

I remember the Judy Blume books too - kind of a rite of passage, especially reading 'Forever'!

Brigitte said...

I remember The Wishing Chair by Enid Blyton and dreaming that I too could be whisked off to a magical land. I loved The Secret Seven more so than The Famous Five. Two books that stand out from my primary school years are Emil and the Detectives by Erich Kastner and The Silver Sword by Ian Seraillier. Odd choices for a girl at that time.
As a teenager I preferred science fiction to "girly" books and quite often had my head stuck in a John Wyndham novel.