Friday, February 04, 2011


I am eternally grateful for the gift that is my son.
Twelve years on, as I look at my son, growing taller and more solid by the day, with his darkening hair and mischievious grin, I will look past the mood swings, and attitude and feel so lucky, so grateful to have this boy, my boy, in my life. Just the other day I peeked into his room before my bedtime where he was flat out in bed, snoring ever so slightly, totally unconscious to the world. I looked on with immense pride and love. Looking at him, so vulnerable and unaware, and wondering where those twelve years had gone? What was to come for him?

This boy, my boy, will grow up, have relationships, gain responsibilities, possibly marry, have children. What else will he do with his life?

I realise that I am lucky to have the opportunity to give birth to and raise a son, where many women will not, cannot experience that.

I am so grateful. Thank you!

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