Friday, December 11, 2009

It has been an eventful week! Nativitys, work and all the christmas buying, wrapping and not forgetting the day to day stuff.

Last night I made some chocolate bread, but what a disappointment it was, after following the recipe, including almost 2 bars of bourneville, milk, sugar and cocoa powder...and the most inviting smells coming from the oven...the taste was surprisingly bland, not exactly tantalising to the taste buds...but I thought, all was not lost, I'll bake the choc bread and turn them into choc thats exactly what I did...And? Perfect biscotti texture....but a miracle hadn't happened whilst baking and it is still as bland as can I think it will be binned....such a waste....I wonder if ducks like chocolate bread? :-)

On the positive side, 350g dark choc + 350ml double cream + vanilla extract, along with some desiccated coconut/cocoa powder....I made some gorgeous (but very rich) chocolate truffles. All that needs done now is to put them into some pretty bags/boxes and give them to friends!!

Photos to follow! xx

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Shannon said...

I wish I lived close enough to come by and sample those truffles...