Monday, December 07, 2009

How exciting!! Our tree is up (but yet to find and buy my yearly traditional purchase of one tree decoration a year) We normally put our tree up 12 days before christmas but we, okay I, couldn't wait this year :)

Steve started putting the outside christmas lights up and Meg the Kittycat was so desperate to pounce on them!

What a lovely weekend, it was very quiet without the children, but we made the most of the time by present wrapping and oh, having a gorgeous brunch at Dick & Janes! The perfect antidote to the tiredness and fuzzy head feeling I'd been feeling since the Pre-school Xmas Meal, where karaoke and port and lemon featured most prominently!!

Must off to post some ladybirds ordered today and some eBay orders.....

Enjoy the day, despite the wind and rain.


Shannon said...

Hello - I just had to pop by and thank you for the comment! While here I had a look around, and must say I am very jealous of the gift tree site. It reminds a bit of our etsy. I am a bit of a numb skull when it comes to navigating... how do I find your items?
Also, that butternut squash soup sounds delightful! It was 9 degrees (F) here this morning, and I think that would be just the thing for dinner! I must pop on google and find a conversion chart. :)

Debbie said...

Hi Lynsey :) thanks for the comment on my blog and i hunted out a Biscotti recipe for you and tried it out today - it really is lovely and simple to do :)


PinkCat said...

Cats and Christmas = Fun!

Have you bought her a little pressie? I've had to put Fluffy Cat's in the wardrobe as I'm sure she's going to find it before Friday. She's already been trying to unwrap everything under our tree! x