Monday, December 21, 2009

I can hardly believe that in just FOUR sleeps it will be christmas......
and then, just as quickly as it will be all over.....bah humbug! All this organisation for one day? :-/

I still have lots of wrapping and, sigh, cards to be written and delivered by hand :-/

BUT, no more school, whoop! Had a lovely long lay-in this morning, a long hot shower and now debating on whether it's taking a risk going out in the car to do my weekly food the snow, snow! At christmas! So lots to smile about :)

Saturday evening was a blast, me and the girls from school went for an indian meal, Sam the owner knows one of our friends and helpfully made up a buffet for us, with a selection of indian food, it was truly scrumptious....and the wine went down a treat, apart from sunday morning that is, when I was a bit poorly...all self inflicted! But let a hangover put me off from my christmas shopping, I think not! At 10am we headed off with friends to Bristol's Cabot Circus where we got bags of goodies from Saltrock, Joules and Disney! :)

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Shannon said...

Fun picture - I love going out for eats with friends!

And I can't believe there are only "four sleeps" left... it actually makes me feel very sad. This year has been so busy, I don't feel like I have really enjoyed the holiday spirit. Hopefully, there will still be time to enjoy a cup of cocoa in the tree-light glow!

And thanks for the reminder about the soup - I HAVE to make that! :)