Wednesday, March 18, 2009

*above* A milk jug from tesco that I got yesterday, half price at just under £3!

*melmel - thanks for your comment, couldn't reply back though as couldn't see a way of contacting you or getting to your blog, but helloooo and thanks for visiting xx*

I went to visit my allotment plot (available from 25th March) yesterday and so far, all it is, is grass...and lots more of the stuff!! I think I have some hard work ahead of me!

Last night found me on the sewing machine armed with the stash from the weekend =) Crafting and making 'something' for the heart swap, and no, I'm not telling, its a secret until my swap'ee gets her parcel!

It's been glorious weather in the south west of England this week and it's brought out the best in me, domestically anyway. Yesterday I flung all the doors and windows open, had a good old spring clean, mowed the lawn, took my friends gorgeous dalmation out for a lovely walk and then collapsed in the evening in front of the telly. This nice weather is shattering me!! ;-)

Me, waiting to be picked up and taken for a lovely lunch!! "Cheese!"

Just sat here now, supping a mug of green tea, contemplating the day, the birthday lunch I'm attending at half twelve with my luvverly friends Jo and Sam and thinking about what activities should be arranged for Dan and my childmindee M....Perhaps the park again?

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Anonymous said...

Congratulations on your new allotment. How exciting! You must let us know how it progresses.

It sounds like you had a lovely busy sunny day! x