Monday, March 16, 2009

*** UPDATE 12.02 today - JUST been informed I have been given a plot on an allotment!!!! So pleased!!***

Stash alert!!

I was delighted by what the weekend brought me, by way of postie, thrift and gift shops of Bradford on Avon and car boot sales!

The weekend started on Friday night at our school gathering (and with a rethink of outfit)

Saturday was started with a large boatmans breakfast @ Dick & Jane's The Lock Inn, along with a fuzzy head and slight nausea from friday nights antics! After managing half the breakfast I managed to drag Steve into the gorgeous gift shops and purchased myself a delightful red, spotty soapstone heart! Then diving into the charity shops and found some lovely red/pink fabric for £1 and some large Laura Ashley-like napkins for £1.50. I went home happy and contented to find that Henry our postman had delivered my new Sew Fabulous Fabric book, new nautical/dotty bunting won via eBay AND two quarters of Cath Kidston fabric! (cowboy and pink rose) Also from eBay. Eakk!

Saturday evening we went to our local pub with our friends Sam & Neil to watch an Elvis tribute, the locals managed to grab Steve and I and stick 'sideburns' (black sticky tape!) onto us, what a sight, a heaving pub of merry villagers with black tape stuck to our faces, odd but fun!

Sunday we travelled to Yeovil for their large bootsale and on a bit of a weekend bargain high I managed to buy myself a whole bag full of sewing threads, some gorgeous buttons, and large pile of white and pink gingham fabric, and some vintage enid blyton hardbacks! Oh and a 'Cath Kidston for Easy Living Magazine' (freebie from magazine) zip up bag, for 40 pence which I have stored all my new threads in for now until I can find the time to sort and store them all properly.


MelMel said...


Just popped over from Little Gem's world...
Thought I'd say hi!

madmummy said...

Sounds like you had a fun weekend!
How's the swap preparations going?
xxx Steph