Tuesday, March 24, 2009

As much as my mothers day weekend was lovely, it also had sad undertones which made me slightly wobbly throughout the whole of sunday and monday. It saddened me so much to hear that two little boys have lost their mother to cancer.

A lot of people criticised Jade Goody for 'flaunting' her illness for the media, but if any good has come out of this sad, much publicised event, it's not just the smear awareness (which is itself good news and will hopefully save lives) It brought to light the plight of so many families all over the world and highlighted the fact that we should make the most of our lives, love and cherish our family and friends and to not take life for granted. It is something which kept coming to the forefront of my mind on Sunday....So thank you Jade and god bless xx

And staying on the same subject...

I am doing the race for life on the 28th June.....please, dig deep into your pockets and donate xx


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Beaky said...

I agree with you, and am long over due a smear. I will be sponsoring your run, good on you for doing your bit.
B x
P.s Thanks for the wax melt, I mentioned it on my blog.