Wednesday, April 27, 2011

The Insulin Gang

So far, 2011 has been a testing year for myself and a number of my friends and family. One particular friend, experiencing turbulent times recently discovered that her little girl had Type 1 diabetes.

I for one, had not heard a great deal about Type 1, being more familiar with the more common Type 2, that a lot of people get later in their lives.

I could only imagine what the family was going through and how isolated they must have felt, this small girl, in a matter of weeks, not only diagnosed with diabetes but also had to learn how to inject herself with insulin daily.

My friend, the small girl's mother, was extremely frustrated with the lack of support for them as a family. And over a small amount of time, together, mother and daughter, they established a website and forum, aiming to highlight type 1 diabetes and to be able to contact and share support with other children going through similar experiences.

The website is called The Insulin Gang  -  Should you know of any child learning to live with diabetes, please do share this web address with them. Or if you think you could help in any way - by blogging or tweeting about the website, please please do! You would make a little girl very happy....

Let me know if you do share.........thanks so much xxx

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