Thursday, September 16, 2010

It is nearing the Autumn equinox.
I certainly 'feel' it. I feel my body slowly starting to go into hibernation mode.
I feel really hungry for steaming hot choc, bowls of chunky soups, and roast veg.

My body is waning a little, feeling more tired and wanting to sleep more. I'm starting to reflect on the past year and beginning to face the coming of the darker winter months ahead and silenting giving thanks for all that I am blessed with.

Goodbye summer. Goodbye warm (sometimes!) evenings sat out on the decking drinking vino and laughing under the stars. Goodbye elderflower picking, ice cool cordial and homegrown salads. Goodbye school sports, light evenings playing in the park with the kids. Goodbye flip flops, cut off shorts and sand between my toes.

Hello crunchy autumn leaves, conker collecting, dark and chilly evenings, afternoons of preserving berries, sweeping the chimney and adding an extra layer....comfort foods.....and seeing your breath in front of your own face :)

I always complain, isn't that a british must? But I know when I'm sat in the firelight, huddled under a cosy blanket, listening to the rain out in the dark night fall onto the window. I wouldn't wish for anything more :-)))

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Pixiedust said...

I love the autumn, its my favourite season. Currently have a nice beef stew bubbling away on the stove. xx