Monday, September 13, 2010

4 miles of cycling today...and on weigh in, have lost 5Lbs, I am exceedingly happy!

I am in jam making mode. I have plenty of apples from our tree residing in the garden and fancy making blackberry and apple jam and crumble.

Dan has started secondary school. This new era has got me thinking and looking at dan differently, I watched a video of Dan as a baby and toddler and I now look at him, nearly 12, and he has lost all 'baby-ness'. It breaks my heart. Where did that time go?
To all mums of young children - take each precious moment of their little years and treasure it and capture it not only in your heart but in your head and record as many moments as you can.
They really do grow up too quick.
To my Dan, all my love to my gorgeous, smart, funny son. Enjoy your teenage years xxxxxxxxxxx

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