Monday, May 18, 2009

We had all three children with us this weekend and the plan was to spend a bit of time down at the allotment digging more beds, taking the cooch grass out, replacing the dead runners (just two of them thankfully) and planting the strawberries and cucumber as well as building a bit of protection around the plot to stop the howling wind and rain destroying my climbing plants! (as it is so open up there at the moment)

...Instead, the good old british weather was at it's best and we dragged the boys around the garden centre instead, visited friends, had friends around...and did chores! Bah humbug!

Good bit of the weekend, I purchased this book @ the garden centre to go along with the rest of my growing collection:

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koralee said...

So very nice to meet you and thank you for visiting me!!!....sounds like one busy mucky weekend...our weather here has been cold and wet as well..all i want to do is get outside and enjoy the sunshine..the book you picked up looks awesome...good luck with your garden...yum!!!