Wednesday, May 20, 2009

This afternoon I went up to the allotment for an hour and made the most of the dry weather until school beckoned and I went to pick the kiddies up from school ! I partially dug a bed for strawberries and planted the sprouting broccoli which was purchased at the allotment plant sale, and the cucumber plant given to me by John a fellow allotmenter from Frome (a friend).

Was disappointed to find the runners looking a little weedy so plan to take something up to wrap around them next time to protect them, being very new and in the middle of a country park, it makes it extremely open to all weathers and the runners are getting the brunt of it all.

On a good note, I earthed up a lettuce today and look forward to having it in a salad tomorrow! My very first produce from the allotment. I look forward to the seedlings maturing now and then planting some more seeds, the plugs will be finished within the fortnight!

(fresh out of the allotment, as you can tell!)

Here's hoping the bank holiday weekend will give us dry weather and plenty of opportunity for the allotment!

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