Wednesday, January 26, 2011

The Gallery

The Gallery: Children

When I decided to take part in this weeks 'Children' Gallery post via Sticky Fingers I didn't fully realise just how hard it was to find a photo which sat right with how I feel at the moment, I could have chosen a toddler photo or an old photo of myself as a child, so many photos, so many years of memories, so many I found that I had forgotten about! It was lovely to search and find these treasures, so thank you Sticky Fingers for that opportunity!

The photo I'm showing you today is of my lovely 12 year son and his 13 year old cousin. On this day, we had walked to and around a lake called Shearwater. My son, being almost a teen, and not letting me forget it, tends to like a good whine about going for walks/day trips/shopping, no real big surprises really.

But on this day, he and his cousin larked about without a care, and as captured by my camera, contemplated and sat peacefully beside the lake.

Both 'tweens' sat staring into the water, idly chatting once in a while, and it was a moment that had to be captured. I love this photo, like many others, but this one doesn't show him trying to be 'super cool', grinning insanely, or pulling a face. Underneath it all, he's growing up, becoming a thoughtful young man, and this photo captures an essence of that.


Anonymous said...

Aw, lovely! We walk/cycle round Shearwater frequently!

overthehillmum said...

they look wistful. Lovely pic.

Mummy Mishaps aka Jenny Paulin said...

That's a lovely photo with a magical memory. I wonder what was on their minds that day?