Wednesday, March 04, 2009

I had a lovely package through the door today, all the way from Australia!

The packaging was enough in itself, but each layer that came off revealed another gorgeous layer of packaging!

And a lovely message thanking me for my order =)

Oh and my order? :-)

Is this gorgeous reads I love Carousels!

I love it!!!

Since I'm very pmt'ish today, I'm now going to attempt to find more cutsie items to buy!!

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emma lamb said...

hi lynsey,

sophie's designs are really getting about! they are so cute aren't they!?

btw, thank you for popping by my blog, and thank you my eye is starting to feel a little better as long as i don't do too much work... ;)

now i'm off to have a peek at your gift tree shop...

have a lovely monday,