Sunday, February 08, 2009

It's been a mad week. What with snow and the schools shutting down and having the children traipse us into the park every five minutes for snowballing fun and then crying when after making snow angels, being wet and very very cold (and painful to boot).....I've had enough now! I've had enough of wheel spinning and then sliding and skidding off the driveway...and tiptoeing over the paths...and finding puddles in the, two, three.....arghhhh...hhh..hhh!

But having said that, I'm glad it snowed the way it did, despite missing the Keane concert due to treacherous road conditions (a sad day...) ..and why? because the boys finally got to find out what being a kid was all about. I remember spending all day out in the snow when I was a young girl, and what snow we had!! Dan is ten years old and this year has been the first ever where he has made his own snowman. Which is a little sad, but he got the opportunity at last and of that I am glad.

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